Social Media Ads

Social media platforms are more than a place to engage with consumers. Their extensive personalisation tools enable advertisers to precisely target a brand’s desired audience. Using our expertise in digital marketing, AdGroup can help you to deliver the right messaging on the right platform at the right time, to achieve your business’ objectives.

Why Should Your Business Use Paid Social?

Implementing a strong paid social strategy is a powerful way to drive traffic to your site and generate leads, all while keeping the cost-per-click low. Using the right paid social strategy can have amazing benefits for your business when it comes to attracting new customers, bringing old customers back and building a loyal customer base. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, boost engagement, generate leads, boost traffic, or increase sales, our paid social experts understand how to create engaging content for your ideal customer and how to strategically drive them down the marketing funnel.

Because users interact with each social platform differently, the AdGroup team will work with you to determine the right platforms and ad formats that will be the most effective to engage your desired audience. However, we go beyond just delivering the ads. We continuously optimise campaigns, assessing how key messages are resonating across platforms and  tracking against key performance indicators that correspond directly to your business’ goals, to ensure your campaigns achieve your desired results.

Our Approach to Paid Social

High Performing Creatives

The right images can help take your marketing efforts to the next level and effectively connect with prospects and customers. Our team will work with you to determine exactly what your ads should look like in order to attract the attention of your target audience and maximise clicks and traffic to your website. AdGroup’s professional graphic designers will create high-quality visual content that is engaging and relevant to your audience and your brand.

Compelling Ad Copy

We endeavour to gain a deep understanding of how your brand should be represented online. This enables us to write compelling ad copy that aligns with your brand and contains clear calls to action that persuade your ideal target audience to interact with your ads.

Campaign Types

AdGroup will create a number of campaign types including Re-engagement Campaigns, targeting people who have interacted with your social media pages ,and Awareness Campaigns targeting new potential supporters using multiple ad formats and placements across social media to maximise exposure.

Audience Targeting

AdGroup will research and build precise customer profiles of your ideal customers. Our experts understand how to utilise each social platform’s precise targeting tools, such as demographics, location, behaviours, interests, financial status, and industries. This ensures that your ads reach the people who are interested in your products and services, to deliver ROI from your advertising investments.

Tracking & Analytics

Tracking is a key element to identify how your ad campaigns are performing. We will ensure all campaigns are tagged with UTMs so we can view performance in Analytics and use this to identify which areas of your campaigns are working and not working, enabling us to optimise your audience, ads and channels.

Continuous Optimisation

Our paid social experts continually test, analyse and optimise your ads, utilising valuable, business-impacting insights to develop your paid social strategy. We work closely with you to ensure your social campaigns are relevant, appealing and kept up to date to keep your audience engaged and continue to generate revenue. Our data-driven approach enables us to consistently deliver results for our clients, ensuring that their budget is being used effectively to maximise return on investment.

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