LinkedIn Ads

AdGroup can create the right LinkedIn Ads strategy for your business to drive more relevant, high quality traffic to your website, increasing your leads and conversions. We have the tools, experience and processes to consistently produce great results for our clients.

Why Should Your Business Use LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional database, making it a powerful platform to advertise on, particularly for B2B. Paid social media marketing with LinkedIn Ads is a highly effective way of targeting professionals.

LinkedIn enables you to access search criteria on its users such as location, education, work history, job title, years of experience, and their connections. This enables advertisers to target precise audiences and show them the right messaging and landing page to generate leads.

Our Process for Executing Highly Effective LinkedIn Ads Campaigns


Firstly, we will gain a deep understanding of your brand, customers, industry, competitors and your business’ overall marketing objectives. We can then help you to set a clear goal and devise a LinkedIn advertising strategy to help you achieve this.

Ad Development

We’ll write compelling ad copy and design high performing creatives that align with your brand and are tailored to the relevant audience. Our experts will write highly-effective ads, in simple easy to understand language that resonates with your ideal customers and attracts their attention. Additionally, the right images can help take your marketing efforts to the next level and effectively connect with prospects and customers. AdGroup’s professional graphic designers will create high-quality visual content that is engaging and relevant to your audience and your brand.


AdGroup will help create customer profiles of your ideal customer. Using the advanced targeting options available across social media platforms we will strategically position your ads in front of your ideal customer. By combining audience segments such as location, gender, interests and life we can reach your target audience and achieve the desired results such as sales, brand awareness and brand ambassadors.

Campaign Launch

We’ll build your LinkedIn ad campaigns and ad group structures with the most relevant audience, ad and landing page combinations.

Monitoring & Optimisation

We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for our clients. Our team will monitor your LinkedIn campaigns on a regular basis to assess performance, keep track of your budget, and make changes as required to maximise your results. We will also keep you updated with comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Refine & Repeat

Each month we will refine targeting, content and visuals to prevent Ad fatigue. (Ad fatigue is when your audience has seen your ads so many consecutive times that they grow tired of them). We work closely with you to ensure your social campaigns are relevant, appealing and kept up to date to keep your audience engaged and continue to generate leads

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